30% discounted Linkedin-Recruiter version

A few years ago, I was in daily touch with Mr Filip Kec who is an official Linkedin partner in area of sales and marketing – responsible for Czech Republic and Slovakia. We were in touch regarding paid LinkedIn campaigns, how to manage followers on our LI company page, etc. In April 2020 he recommends me a new contact for a person who is responsible for Linkedin licenses, hiring, recruitment, etc. After a few calls, I helped 2 companies to get a lower price for their recruiter licenses. From 10 000 euros/year to 6 800 euro/year. Those companies saved more than 3 000 euros after 1 ZOOM meeting with the relevant person.

Did you know that the most expensive way how the get the pro version is to buy it on their web?

Choosing ATS? (czech)

The huge and relevant comparison of the most common ATS in Czech Republic. So many of my clients do not know how to choose suitable ATS for them. Matej Matolin did an amazing job and put the all necessary info into 1 place. Click on “Read more” button to get further info (his web – the comparison).

How to withdraw "X" LinkedIn invitations at the same time?​

Have you noticed that after the last Linkedin update (March 2020) you cannot withdraw more than 1 invitation at the same time? Well, in the past there was an option to select 100 invitations -> withdraw them all. Nowadays you have to click on each invitation and deleted it. Super time consuming, isn’t it? 

The team of Duxsoup creates a javascript script that automates this process. It is truly simple: take their script -> save it as a bookmark in your chrome -> go to your pending invitations -> click on it. Their script and more info you can find on their webpage. 

Github hack

Old stuff – still useful. You just found a relevant candidate on Linkedin -> send the invitation -> didn’t get the answer. You tried to call him via reception, however, no success. Maybe you can find his email address on GitHub!

 Just go to github.com -> find the “search” bar -> insert your text. 

You do not need any GitHub account. The text might be the following: “location:prague language:java”. Once you click “search” you will see the list of java developers in Prague. 

Click on the profile -> find any of the profile activity -> click on it -> click on the link below -> go to “commits” -> click on latest update -> insert “.patch” into the end of URL address -> enter -> find the email. 

Recycling and Tracking

You contacted 100 people and did a placement of senior SW developer at your company. Great work! The job is done!

On the other hand, there are 99 people left in the pipeline. 2 get offer, 7 of them were on the 2nd interview, other 60 profiles were relevant. If you don’t track those candidates in the next 10 positions at your company during the year -> means that you have lost 20 offers, 70 interviews and 600 relevant profiles.

The best way how to track candidate is the ATS – automated/applicant tracking system. However, not everybody can afford it -> than you can use a simple Excel sheet. Click on “Excel sheet” to get an example.

Sourcing automation

Stay tunned. Content will be ready soon!