Jan FOjtu

IT recruiter & consultant


2020 - Present

Head of Innovation and Technology
Member of Board


Innovations and technologies – responsible for active research, pilot projects, proof of concepts, evaluation and implementation – automation and digitalization of internal processes – data visualization, funnels, targets

Education and improvement – internal education – sourcing, approaching, headhunting, IT recruitment, LinkedIn – external education program – benefit for current BW’ clients

Member of Strategy team. Recruitment team-leader.

2019 - 2020

IT Talent agent & business developer


Senior IT recruiter role combined with business development. Started in November 2019. Today is April 2020 – I presented 110+ IT professionals. 13 permanent placements so far. Average response rate 57%.

16.03-2020 – 16.6.2020

3-months RPO project at Guidevision. 5th of May 2020 – 10 placements.

2018 - Present

Consultant / Trainer

Recruitment 21

Side project. 1 day hands-on training which is realated to Recruitment, IT and Linkedin. More than 60% of agenda is customized based on client needs. Typical client is the HR department at IT-related company.

My focus is on recruitment process, sourcing and automation, job descriptions and Linkedin.

2017 - 2019

Branch & Business Dev. Manager

Industry 4.0 Insights

From recruitment I moved to Sales & Marketing role – Europe market. I was responsible for selling our training courses that were created by our  production team in Bratislava. Courses were focusing on several parts of Industry 4.0 – mainly digitalization of logistics and smart manufacturing.

From sales representative I ended up the cooperation as a Branch manager, responsible for 6 people.

2015 - 2017

Sourcing Expert


I started as a junior IT Talent sourcer with no recruitment experience at all. After just 2 years on the job, I was promoted to the role of first Sourcing Expert in GC history due to my excellent track record of placements, CVouts and qualifieds.

By the end the cooperation, I was responsible for full recruitment cycle, 3 clients and providing internal training for Goodcall sourcers.

2008 - 2014

Taekwon-do and Martial Arts Trainer

Taekwon-do – 13 years, II. DAN, MMA – 2 years.  Taekwon-do trainer licence – 4. class, from 2010.

About Me

I am an IT recruiter, business developer and trainer – consultant. 

“Young George Clooney” – as I have grey hair since I was 17  “Martial art Virtuoso” – as I have II. Dan in Taekwon-do 


English - C1
Czech - Native
Russian - Elementary


Sourcing 89%
IT Recruitment 85%
Industry 4.0 38%
Coach 70%
IT 66%
LinkedIn 90%





August 2020